Living with Native Americans

February 28, 2012

One of Goodnight’s closer friends was Quanah Parker, with whom he fought and later befriended when Quanah moved into the canyon. They battled each other but, when the war was over, they let go of the past and developed a lifelong relationship.

Goodnight’s long relationship with the Plains Indians of the Panhandle, especially Comanche and Apache, including the treaty he made with Quanah Parker, reflect his dedication to peacekeeping once he re-entered the region. Goodnight argued, “They held for ages the land I and other white men controlled. By all laws of justice, it was theirs. We wanted it, fought for it, took it.”
–Dr. Tiffany Haggard Fink

Goodnight and Quanah came to an agreement. When Quanah could not find the necessary buffalo, he could take a beef cow from Goodnight’s herd. Goodnight fed them while they were on his land and helped them with what they needed. He could not see letting the women and children starve because the buffalo were simply far too gone. Because of that relationship, Goodnight and Quanah Parker became best friends… Theirs was a relationship that lasted throughout their lifetime. –Montie Hubbard Goodin