Young Charles Goodnight

January 23, 2012

Young Charles Goodnight

Charles Goodnight in his early years.


A Man of Character

December 27, 2011

Montie Goodin, a member of the Armstrong County Museum, who once lived in the Goodnight Ranch House, recalls what it was like to live there in the presence of Charles Goodnight.

“Goodnight looked at all people who worked for him as being on his level; but make no mistake that he was in charge. Any cowboy that walked in would sit at the table and eat with them. There wasn’t any ‘attitude’ about the Goodnights. That’s how my dad grew up. He was part of the family even though he was the housekeeper’s son.”

“He had a horse named Buttons…He got all dressed up one day with suit and hat and so on…Mr. Goodnight got on his horse and they took pictures. It was his last time to sit and straddle a horse.”

-Montie Hubbard Goodin