The Entrepreneur

March 26, 2012

Charles Goodnight financed and produced a movie, “Old Texas 1916,” shot near his home in 1916 in an effort to interest investors in his buffalo ranching operation. He also invested in Mexican silver mines which were nationalized by Mexico after the Mexican Revolution.

During his time in the Texas Panhandle, Goodnight, not satisfied to live on his fortune, started several banks, began two newspapers, and founded two churches.



Goodnight College

March 20, 2012

Goodnight College - Goodnight, Texas

Stock Certificate for Goodnight College

Molly Goodnight was instrumental when Charles and Molly moved to Goodnight in getting the college started. Later the orphan’s home was built. She was always looking toward education and the care of the children. She invited the college students out to the house regularly.

The Town of Goodnight

March 5, 2012

“There was a great deal of love and respect in the Goodnight area for Mr. & Mrs. Goodnight. They in effect built the town. Where there was a need, they helped. They started the first school and brought in the first doctor. They started the first college, Goodnight College.”
Montie Hubbard Goodin

An original postcard from the town of Goodnight.

Goodnight, Texas